Cercle des Sciences

The Festival Awards

During the Brussels Science Film Festival, several symbolic prizes will be awarded during the week:

  • Photo exhibition

    In the months leading up to the event, a photo competition for amateur photographers will take place and will allow the selection of different photos related to the theme and the categories proposed. Several prizes may be awarded:
    • Jury Prize

      Each category of photos may receive a Photo Jury Prize. Composition, colours, emotion and science will determine this prize.

    • Public Award

      The public will determine the best photo of the whole exhibition: there will be only one Public Award! This will be voted on throughout the festival and presented at the end of the festival.

  • Documentaries

    Throughout the week, more than twenty films will be shown.:
    • Jury Prize

      Only one Jury Prize will be awarded during the week. This will be determined by a Jury that will take into account the scientific rigour, the beauty of the images and the way science has been represented.