Cercle des Sciences

The 2023 Jury

The Brussels Science Film Festival will host three Juries for this 2023 edition:

  • Film Jury: This is selected by the Festival organisers and will be composed of professionals who can judge the quality of the documentaries. The Film Jury will award the Jury Prize for all the documentaries.
  • Photo Jury: This is selected by the photo team of our association and will be composed of professionals who can judge the composition and the relation to science of the photos exhibited following the photo competition. The Photo Jury will award one Jury Prize per photo category.
  • Public Jury: This jury is none other than the public itself! Each participant will be able to vote for the Photo Audience Award. This will be awarded at the end of the Festival*.
For more information on the prizes awarded, click here.
Would you like to be a member of one of the Juries? Please contact us and tell us about yourself and your specialities. Please click here.
*Members of the Photo Jury, the photo team of the association as well as the organising members of the festival are not allowed to participate in the Public Photo Award.

Karolien Van Puyvelde

Karolien Van Puyvelde is the coordinator of the two-year Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes) programme. This programme places a strong emphasis on the acquisition of skills, both in marine and lacustrine research and management. It requires full-time attendance and active participation in lectures and practical exercises, visits to marine research centers, field trips and excursions.

Léni Jodaitis

I am a research assistant at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I teach general chemistry and analytical chemistry to Bachelors of Science and I do research in the field of biochemistry. In particular, I study the molecular mechanisms that allow bacteria to resist antibiotics. Recently my results have led to the discovery of the atomic structure of a protein involved in the resistance of a bacterium responsible for food poisoning, localized infections and, in some extreme cases, potentially fatal infections: Staphylococcus aureus.

Olivier Markowitch

I am a Professor of Computer Science, teaching cryptography, computer security and algorithms. My research interests include cryptographic protocol analysis and design, digital signatures and embedded systems security. I am currently the Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Omaima Adaoudi

I am Omaïma Adaoudi and I studied Chemistry at ULB while being involved in the CdS and particularly in the FFSB. Today I am a PhD student in the organic chemistry laboratory at ULB and I am working on the development of new cuprocatalyzed carbonyl reactions that allow us to obtain carbonyl derivatives widely present in various fields such as medicinal chemistry, agrochemistry, polymer chemistry etc.

Victoria Libert

Communication Officer - Prisme, ULB Communication Service Prisme is a multimedia webzine, created by students, researchers and professors from all scientific disciplines. Together, they analyse the important issues of our society in their complexity.