Photography contest 2022

For its twelfth edition, the Brussels Science Film Festival (FFSB - Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles) is organising a photography contest.
In order to show that science can be found everywhere, and is not only appreciated through the knowledge of mathematical formulas, Latin words or diagrams that make no sense, the FFSB wants to show the presence of science through the art of photography.
This amateur competition, open to all, allows people who like to express themselves through their camera to share their vision with the rest of the public.
This twelfth edition of the FFSB will take place from March, 20th to 26th 2023, during which selected photos will be exhibited. The award ceremony will take place the same week.
The contest has 3 different categories related to science:

  • 1rst category: Science like you have never seen it before: This category includes any photograph showcasing biological, physical and/or chemical phenomena, whether in Nature or in a Laboratory (i.e.: a cloud, a rainbow, a chemical experiment, etc). This category is aimed at science and not scientists.
  • 2nd category: The diversity that surrounds us: This category includes any photograph showcasing wild Belgian fauna and flora, photographed in Belgium and for which human intervention is minimal.
  • 3rd category: Actors of Science: This category includes photographs highlighting Belgian scientists in action in Belgium.

f you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

To register, we ask you to please read carefully the rules of our contest: Rules contest 2022
You can then enter your information in the form hereunder. You can send up to 6 photos, with a maximum of 2 per category.

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