Cercle des Sciences

Expo photos 2022

The competition and photo exhibition for the 2023 edition of the Festival has come to an end! During the week of the Festival, you could find the 14 selected photos exhibited in the Hall leading to the Dupréel room.

The Photo Jury, composed of Pierre Devahif, Lucas Dupuis, Sally Gardey and Philippe Lermusiaux, awarded 3 Jury Prizes, one per category.

You, the public, were able to vote throughout the week for your favourite photo. The Public Prize was awarded to the photo with the most votes, all categories included, following the Jury Prize ceremony.

Here are the winners:

Jury Prize

Public's Choice Award

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the competition, as well as those who were selected for the exhibition:

  • Category 1: Science as you have never seen it before
    • Ysaline Clauss
    • Julien Dereppe & Thomas Delobelle
    • Alissa Sylaj
    • Inès Vivier
    • Louise Topart
  • Category 2: Fauna and Flora
    • Emil Akariou
    • Leonard Louis
    • Loukili Fatima-Zohra
    • Pierre Gil
    • Sarkees Avoo Diana
  • Category 3: Scientists in Action
    • Pierre David
    • Singh Kanika
    • Alicia Gimza
    • Bram Nathanael Rijstabel
Photo from the 2023 Photo Exhibition
Photo from the 2023 Photo Exhibition