Cercle des Sciences

For schools

The programme of the Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles will be presented as soon as possible. You will find the documentary formulas screened for primary and secondary schools around the same theme. All this will be accompanied by additional information, such as synopsis, target audience, duration, language, production, and more.

The link between the FFSB and education

The Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles is a place of culture and scientific sharing, just like the Printemps des Sciences. It is about mathematics, chemistry, computer science, physics, biology and even engineering and medicine. Everyone who is passionate or curious about science comes together to learn more and more or to share their knowledge and interest in science.

The FFSB collaborates with Inforsciences, the organiser of the Printemps de Sciences at the ULB, in order to offer film and documentary packages on the same theme to primary and secondary schools.

By offering its various packages of scientific films and documentaries to primary and secondary schools, Inforsciences seeks to arouse the curiosity of the youngest about science.

Few students choose science as an option in secondary school, and of those who do, very few continue on to higher education. We want to show that physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology do not require the IQ of Einstein or Marie Curie to understand them, but only the will and passion. And this passion is what the Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles seeks to awaken in young people through its scientific screenings.

The FFSB also wants to show that you don't have to be in a scientific field to appreciate and discover science. We hope to show that, regardless of one's academic background, if the curiosity about science is present, then it is accessible.

Screening of the documentary “Behind artificial intelligence” at 10:30
Screening of the documentary “On the tip of the tongue” at 14:00
Screening of the documentary “Synesthesia: the magic of senses” at 14:50


Intervention : Emilie Caspar at 15:20
Screening of the documentary “Switch the Sky back on” at 10:30
Screening of the documentary “Climate: my brain has its head in the sand” at 14:00
Intervention : Charline Urbain at 14:55
Screening of the documentary “The science of emotions: Reconciling with your emotions” at 10:30
Screening of the documentary “Animal democracy: The people rule” at 14:00
Intervention : Grégory Sempo at 14:55