Cercle des Sciences


In addition to the festival in March, the FFSB team and the editorial team of the magazine Prométhée of our non-profit organisation offers you great readings throughout the year.

Each week, we will have the pleasure to share with you a fun fact about Science and the portrait of a scientist. Did you know ?: Small scientific facts, sometimes funny or surprising that you probably don't know. The kind of thing to bring out at a family dinner to play to the gallery. Meeting of the day: From Agnodice, one of the first female doctors, to Isaac Newton to whom we owe classical mechanics, all these scientists who have influenced the world of Science, from near or far, through the millennia. Each month, you will have a little more reading with a scientific article. Reading of the day: Here we will discuss scientific topics in more depth. Why is the Universe black? or What are the effects of beer on our body?